Morning face therapy…..

Good morning, face?? Yes, this is a thing. Those of you with friends are more likely to enjoy better moods, less depressive episodes etc, than those of us who dwell in self amusement and company.
Humankind react positively to the sight of another’s face, a happy one of course. The theory goes like this…… To start the day off with a smile, you must see a smile. Now obviously, if you don’t manage to do this it doesn’t mean your day is doomed. It’s a general sort of idea, those who see a face will have a higher likelihood of a good mood.
Now, for those of us who have no friends, detest interaction or are socially inept….have no fear! As with seeing a face directly, the theory works indirectly also. A video or photo will do the trick, choose an interesting vlog or a memorable bunch of photos.
Start the day right, start it with a smile 

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