On reading a few statements about the benefits of drinking 2 litres of water a day, I decided to do an experiment…..
Studies show that drinking this amount of water throughout an average day (more if exercising or on hot days), the brain will function at a higher level, the body will feel more energetic and in time skin and hair will make positive strides too. Now in no way do I dispute this, but it seems too simple. Can the regulation of water intake, regardless of the rest of a persons diet, have noticeable positive results?
My experiment went as follows….
Week 1 – Live as normal, my not so healthy lifestyle, eating and drinking when I feel I need or want to, but measure how much water I consume.
Week 2 – Continue my ‘not so healthy’ lifestyle. Eating when hungry, minimal exercise and a mix of nutritional meals, fruit, bad snacks and fast food. Whilst ensuring my consumption of water is 2 litres per day.
Week 3 – Adapt my lifestyle. Cutting out the fast food, keeping snacks to a minimum and not so sugar filled. Increasing my intake of fruit and vegetables without being too precise. Still minimal exercise, as this test is to see how water effects my general brain function.
The results were vastly different. A longer study period may have shown even greater differences.
Week 1 I felt my usual sluggish, up and down self. Bad days I hardly drank anything. Food was not on the agenda either, eating garbage when I had the energy to order online. Ups were super high followed by crashes. I was drinking around a litre a day on average, maybe just under.
Week 2 left me a tad flummoxed, rendering me wanting to get active but not having the energy to do so. Peeing a hell of a lot more, but generally feeling better. Moods were still erratic, ups still ending with crashes, but downs not so bad. Whether that be because I was keeping track of my water intake or because the water was making the difference I do not know.
Week 3 produced a spike in energy levels, ups were more frequent and lead to fewer crashes. Down days, well the singular one I had with an hour here and there throughout the week were easier to cope with.
With a simple change, increasing water consumption, I noticed decent positive results and it was easy to do. It’s a start to a smiles diet everybody can benefit from.



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