Smiles, a gauge to live by?……

A smile is a huge indication of joy, amusement and a general good time. In a basic look at things, life is a collection of smiles and frowns….
Frowns are inevitable, unfortunately, this is a given, the cruel reality of life. But smiles can be created, often via serendipity….A fortuitous happenstance. What you hear, see, do or say can produce an involuntary and true smile.
So I put it to you, and myself……what can the food we eat contribute to gaining smiles. Can they be a catalyst? Or perhaps the sole reason for a happy face? Find what food makes you smile, I will too. Now I can guarantee there are going to be the obvious bad foods that make your tum purr with delight, but the smiles don’t last, often replaced by frowns and regret. Don’t ignore these foods! These will go in the indulge your ass off pile!
Split foods in to three basic categories – foods you know are good for you and you actually enjoy eating. Foods you know you shouldn’t really be scoffing but every now and then you just dunnee have the power cap’n! And then those foods you can’t stand but know they will be good for you.
The fill yo’face bad foods will inevitably bring smiles and frowns, this is where allowing yourself to indulge, without a side portion of guilt, will set you on your way. This is the place to start. Not with crash diets, fads, and/or ‘fat free’ garbage! Start with the foods you struggle to resist. Hold onto the fat smile they plaster on your face. And play a game of ‘f@#k off’ with the frowns….trick is to let them go first ;).
Then turn your attention to the nice, edible, healthy foods. The base of your diet has to be enjoyable! I’ll pass on what I have learnt, which foods are scientifically proven to turn it upside down . This whole process of learning, planning and smiling has helped me grow as a person. Granted, still a secluded scaredy cat, intolerant to the outside world! But I’m happier. Tis a good thang.
Now those dirty ‘orrible eats. Forget them. Unless they are in my importanté list…….but I can help with that, sneaky sneaky I am with the tricks…. seriously though, why force something down you cannot stand?? Well if you learn to make these things tasty and enjoyable then yeah, buck up partner! Get it down ya! Even shite foods can be made in to smiles foods…
Part 2 coming shortly…….

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