Little victories…

The thought of venturing for a coffee has been a constant itch of late. With my designated safe zones – that being the gym (off peak) and walking spots with the pup – I finally succeeded at gaining another! Brother in tow, we travelled to a Starbucks just off the dual carriageway. A chilled atmosphere helped me feel comfortable and aided in creativity . With my brother being his ever calming presence, we chatted, wrote some bits and talked about our recovery.
These little victories are part of the healing process, a cog in an expansive mechanism. Not only do I have these to look back on and think ‘YES I did it!’. But I can use them to aid future little victories. Those little nuggets of gold amongst rock, gems amongst glass, are something to hold on to…tight!
I spoke of safe zones. These are places I have managed to create a safe environment. The gym no longer has to be completely empty – little victory – I can walk the pup at a popular dog walker spot – little victory – and now I can be comfortable, albeit in a certain seat, at a singular Starbucks.

It is these little victories I am celebrating to help during times I’m up and down. Hold on to whatever you’ve accomplished, no matter it’s proportional value to the rest of the world, it is yours and yours alone.

Savour, smile and grow with those little victories.

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