Creative solutions….

Dilemma’s and misfortunes come in many forms. A loss of confidence whilst attempting a task, one found easy previously, can knock you.
Letting these unfortunate occurrences set you back may seem unsolvable, an inevitable evil. But I believe this to be poop. Get creative….you’ve all heard of the ‘picture everybody naked’ saying, right? A simple, albeit childish, creative solution that works for some.
Well I put it to you, come up with other creative solutions. Rationalise a trip to the shop, or an appointment at the dentist. Even exams and interviews. Focus on the task at hand but also break it down, create an alternate reality, one where the interviewers head is aflame. The people in Tesco are all holding in their flatulence. The gym goers are hiding an unfortunate rip, their faces red from embarrassment rather than heat. Now you may think, this is mean, what have they done to you? The question should be ‘can they see inside my head?’ The answer being no, you’re not hurting anybody.
I tried a few ideas out for myself. I imagined a lil bug between the eyes of the cashier at a Gregg’s. it wasn’t easy but I made eye contact with someone for the first time in a long time and I managed to get in the building, an extra bonus! I focussed so intently on this ridiculous fly that I missed the chance to panic, over evaluate and think myself out of there.
I may be chatting utter nonsense, maybe this only makes sense to me. I guess I’m trying to re-focus my mind, forget about the anxiety, racing thoughts & fear, to focus on an image, that of which will make me smile. Easier said than done but a challenge I am determined to take on. I hope you are too…

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