Smiles, a gauge to live by….part 2

Cutting it out!….
I’ve mentioned before how I intend to figure out how food cravings, whether fulfilled or ignored, can effect a person’s mood and their treatment of others. And which foods, good or bad envoke a true smile. So I intend to try a few experiments….
The way I eat is largely based on what I feel I need in the moment. That probably explains the love handles I adorn and the avoidance of the scales. I see this as my opportunity to put some of my daily queries to bed. Will I regret eating this whole bag of caramel nibbles? Will I regret not eating them? Would an extra helping of deliciously slow roasted pork belly with insanely buttery mash make me feel great for five minutes, then truly awful for the rest of the day? Should I eat nothing but chicken, boiled rice and asparagus?
Before my ramblings destroy the little faith you may still have in me, I’ll explain my experiment….
To start I intend to cut everything considered ‘bad’ out. So my diet will consist of lean protein sources, low carb sources and moderate good fats. I’ve gone with a high fat and low carb ratio as I know my body….ish…
As my activity levels vary, carbs & sugars sit and fester…not good. I intend to use coconut oil, avocado etc as my energy source. I’m interested to see if my body will utilise these as energy more productively. Fingers crossed…
Macros I’ll have in a day – 200g protein, 90-100g carb, 70g fat approximately
I’m thinking….
– Mexican eggs in the morning, avocado, spring onion & tomato. Set yoghurt, banana. A large coffee a necessity!
– For lunch I’ll have chicken breast, tenderstem broccoli, sweet potato, protein cheese and roasted onion. Gotsta love a charred onion!
– Sea trout, avocado & coconut, soba noodle and asparagus salad for dindins.
This is just an example, around 1800 calories, so with my size I’ll be in a deficit. This is what I’m after though, enough to fill me but not too much.
Then come the narrrrrsty food cravings. For the first 2 weeks I’ll resist all temptation! Holy Moses I’m sweating already!
Wish me luck!….

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