420, a medical number or an illegal drug…

It’s a scary thought to think an illegal substance, fraught with stigmatism, could be the answer to a select number of illnesses for people around the world.
But why the illegal status? Why the stigma? Just look at alcohol, a mind altering substance. Deaths and addiction at a higher rate than most illegals if not all.
A frightening precedent set….
It’s your 18th birthday, go to the supermarket and fill your trolley with a cacophony of alcoholic beverages….no questions asked…yet you can only buy two packs of paracetamol at a time….
Fancy a cigarette? Go for it. There’s only 70+ substances in this stick that can cause cancer. Not to mention clogged arteries, strokes, blindness and the rest…
Being a recovering alcoholic, a current smoker and a drug abuser in the past. I cannot see the logic in any of this. Kill yourself with alcohol legally. Kill yourself with tar and carcinogens legally. Ignore science regarding an illegal substance???
Now I’m not for the legalising of this drug, this herb, this plant. No. But the correlation between this and legal substances makes absolutely and categorically no sense. Either allow them all and see the world crash and burn or ban the lot. Those which have proven medical benefits, legalise for this purpose only. Or just ignore the obvious solutions, whether that be in fear of consequence or loss of power.
At the end of the day, money is King, exploitation is Queen and the world is completely baffling!
‘It’ll all come out in the wash’ let’s hope so. In the meantime, keep smiling 😆😆
Much love, Smiley xx

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