Gaining confidence…..

Building confidence has been in no small part down to me getting to the gym. My first double digit attempts I barely made it to the door, but I saw the carpark as a milestone. In fact, before the carpark I saw packing my gym bag as a success.
From there the gradual progression through the door and parking rear cheeks on a chair with a drink was so exhilarating I needed party poppers and balloons! The family feeling was that of equal illation.
It took months, tears and anger at myself before I managed to use my first machine, lift my first weight. The gym is now a safe zone, a place in my mind where I’m safe, free and happy.
Headphones in, hood up and a clear focus on the mind to muscle connection, I was away! Struggling to see what the fuss was about to begin with.
In a rhythm and enjoying every minute without unnecessary stress, I felt space open up for new positive thoughts. Growth whether physical, mental or emotional. It didn’t matter that my visits were at 2am and 3am. I made it, I conquered it.
I guess what I learned from this simple experience is that each and every one of us has the ability to focus, grow and build on the life which we call ‘me’. I found the gym, this may work for you. In fact I’m sure it will if your reasoning for going is that of growth, growth other than dem gains, dem muscle gains. A spiritual gain. Preach! Hallelujah! Prais’d’lord! A gain that lifts your spirits, builds your confidence and slaps a big fat smile on your face!
I hope to find more places, more experiences and achieve more goals to build my confidence. I hope you can too! Keep pushing! 😁😁

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