The above have always been a scary breed to me. Especially in recent times. Trust is difficult.
Family have always been there, through shit and glitter moments, but the thought of letting other people in is a fear-filled smorgasbord of trepidation…
Other than family and the ones I call family (you know who you are) I’ve struggled to see the kindness others show, as an act of pure and genuine concern, thoughtfulness and care. Up until recently that is…
A message from a dear friend I’d lost touch with helped me see that, no matter the situation or reason behind losing touch, it hasn’t dwindled the care she still shows. An ex-partner, a best friend. A tear….a good few tears filled my eyes. Those of happiness and relief that people aren’t the strange and untrustworthy race I previously thought. And the person in question is an incredible human with a beautiful nature.
That being said, my avoidance of some interactions is still based on a lack of trust and a wary sense of what a person’s intentions truly are. Like ‘innocent until proven guilty’… just my mind reverses it…. untrustworthy until proven otherwise…
One day this mistrust and worry will become easier, knowing people, like above, are there with nothing but love and care their intention.
If you struggle with trust or general interaction for whatever reason, people in general aren’t as scary as first thought. This is a pleasant and relaxing realisation that I hope will help me and others grow, heal and smile 🙂🙂

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