A like to dislike…

This test I’m putting myself through is torture! https://6billionsmiles.com/2018/07/15/smiles-a-gauge-to-live-by-part-2/
Okay, so torture is a little strong….but this is hard. As I’m so used to eating whatever, whenever I want… keeping track of every meal is draining.
The thing is though, I know how much this will benefit me. I like that I dislike it. It’s a challenge and an opportunity to not only change my body for the better, but also my head…. hopefully.
Omega 3 fatty acids are essential for everybody. On reading a few studies, however, I’ve found these to be even more essential for those of us with mental illness. It’s these fatty acids that effect the production of the brains neurotransmitters…our mood regulating chemicals…these include dopamine and serotonin.
This all sounds great, but as usual I am not happy with reading and accepting. I need physical/mental proof.
Altering my diet to include essential omega 3’s in every meal where possible, I’ve inadvertently made my like to dislike a little more interesting and challenging. What’s a good day without some pleasant stress…..is there such a thing?…
The last couple of days have been somewhat unpleasant, locked in the slushy machine attached to my shoulders! With a renewed energy, a bit of a high, I’m attempting to jump back in where I left off. Let’s see how it goes…
Time to get back to the grind! Research and alterations aren’t done with yet. I’m looking forward to more revelations and effects! 😀😀

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