A fruitful passion….

To find something, a hobby, that soothes and lifts me is a rare occurrence. Just finding the energy and motivation to try new things, let alone the confidence, is normally a speck in the distance.
Some people paint, some play musical instruments. I found a spade, a strimmer and wheelbarrow. Gardening has been an unlikely yet obvious past time. My grandfather was an avid gardener. My mother has a touch of green on her digits too. Since a child, I have always wanted to follow in their footsteps but could never really find the patience or motivation.
Until now….
With time a thing of luxury…or it would be if I had the mental capacity to enjoy it… gardening is now a hobby I love. And to find this mind levelling, smile creating, peaceful – albeit mucky – past time, I can finally use something other than medicine and therapy to level the playing field between torment and overthinking. Mind being completely empty, even the obligatory sawdust stops blowing around up there. Peace. Tranquillity. Space….
Now I’ve spoken of the gym in recent times. With it being a safe zone, just me and my headphones. It now has a partner in crime, the garden.
My grandmother has been kind enough….brave enough…to let me loose on her beautiful plot. I may have no clue what I’m doing or what the difference is between a weed and a flower, but I am handy with a strimmer and a big ol’spade!
I put it to you, find your peaceful, happy places. Seek out whatever it is that keeps those smiles from turning in to frowns. Treasure them and abuse the hell out of them. Because if you’re like me, they might be rare! But they make a whole lot of difference….
Keep smiling, love Smiley 😊😊

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