Cravings….pesky no-no’s or a necessity?…

In a previous post I wrote of a diet change. With this in it’s second week, an update looming, I thought I’d backtrack a little.
With this diet change, I decided to ignore and push past any and all cravings. I wanted to see how my moods and general demeanour would be affected. Even with this short window of observation, the results were fascinating….
I’ve been a miserable b#@tard! To put it bluntly. Granted I’m not a bubbly upbeat being at the best of times, but this lack of treats has turned me into a grumpus! I’m actually enjoying the healthier, more nutritious foods I’m eating, but a lack of indulgence is driving me crazy……er.
I’ve spoken before that life is a journey of smiles and frowns. With this being said, I’d say cravings and indulgence are a necessity. No ifs, ands, buts or coconuts!
Why let a dirty craving that brings a huge smile ultimately degrade to a frown? It’s a case of moderation and will power, or lack thereof. Indulge your ass off when the feeling hits you but look for that want to end. Start the tub of ice cream and stop when you no longer feel the need to fill yo’face…. This is easier said than done, but again it’s about progress and learning.
Cheat days may work for some. In my eyes it’s just a terrible precedent to set yourself. Trudge through the week, miserable and getting through the day, just to cram as much rubbish down your Gregory for one entire day…..why would anyone put themselves through that?!? It’s a baffling concept that can only breed bad habits.
I don’t have a magic trick or scientific solution to aid anyone with their face filling frenzies, nor do I possess great will power myself. A great man once told me ‘food is just a daily medicine, so why overdose?’ this I didn’t quite understand until recently. We as human beings need food to survive, but in a lot of cases it is the very food we think we need that is detrimental to our very being.
Take a step back from your eating lifestyle and tot up what you actually consume. You’ll probably be shocked, unless you’re on point with your diet that is. Personally I cannot see the harm or difficulty in adjusting or completely overhauling your diet to include tasty, healthy meals with small indulgences throughout the week.
When I say diet, I don’t mean diet. That dreaded, disgusting waste of time fad that kills a little bit of your soul. It’s a lifestyle, and with a lifestyle you have to be happy!
I’m going to adapt this ever changing lifestyle I’ve chosen for myself to include the good, the bad and the downright fugly! Maybe a leaner me would have come out at the end of that super strict, indulgence neglecting, miserable me making idea I had two weeks ago. But who cares if I’m not happy?!
If I can get a smile from eating healthy, getting healthy and snacking on a daily treat then anyone can. Smiles are all that matter at the end of the day, week, month and year. Without them, who are we?
Love Smiley 😊😊

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