Smiling demons!…

I sit here today pondering what made me start this blog….

Sharing my story and spreading a smile where I can is the main aim. But I want more! I want to show that no matter the trials and tribulations, your story is your own. A chapter may sometimes appear to write itself, but you and you alone are the author. You choose how the next chapter goes….how the main character, the hero, conquers all.

The demons that I forever carry, smile at me with twisted glee. Dare I smile back? Yes! These little b#@tards can’t and won’t defeat me. Smiling is for me, for positivity and happy moments!

To say this now with confidence after a terrible few days is enlightening. I’m attempting to use the demons of my past to reshape my future. They do not control me, nor do I control them. But I do control me, for the most part anyway, and I will move past this.

No doubt they will try, and succeed in bringing me down again, however I’m going to work on progress and learning. Work on me and smile like my life depends on it! Without focussing on the inevitable. Grind for a happier me, a smiley me and a me that no longer waits in fear of negative thought trains and those grinning little demons.

I am who I am. I write my story. I choose what happens next.

You do too, write your own story, choose your next smiles moment and flip the V’s to negativity!

Live. Learn. Smile!

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