Another day, another grind…..

It’s a gym day, aching from gardening and tired, motivation is lacking. Some say I should have the day off….but where would that get me? Knowing I should be at the gym, I would be constantly going over it. Why should I though? I’ve had a relatively productive week, getting over a horrible time and getting lots done in the garden….

It’s a fear of stopping, giving up on the grind and not starting again. Just because that’s happened before, what’s to say I’ll do that again? Just me. I am me though. A promise to myself should be enough. It rarely is….

I’ve come to the gym, deciding to push through the motivation starvation. I’ve also come to the realisation that this is as detrimental as not coming at all. With my heart not in it, my head elsewhere, it’s a futile attempt at being productive.

If you’re not fully in the zone to continue your daily routine, it doesn’t help to force it. It shouldn’t be ‘another day, another grind….’ It should be ‘another day, another something new!’

I’m afraid of switching up a routine, as I’ve never been good at keeping to them. So now that I have somewhat of a regular daily plan, it’s difficult to break even when my heart and head aren’t in it.

Make peace with change, know in yourself that it’s just a day and there’s always tomorrow…

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