Nightly notion #2….

To think a day in the fresh air and a full tum would mean Oji (the pug) would chill and get to sleep early was wishful thinking.

From one toy to the next, tug of war, soggy teddies and destroyed rubber bones. To ‘please let me outside, run after me, I’ll run after you, pick up my poo and now take me back in’.

I can appreciate he’s a puppy, wanting to play and be glued to my side is endearing and one of the reasons I love him.

It fascinates me though, how two species with zero understanding of each others needs (apart from the obvious) can become so attached. I still, eight months on, have no idea what he’s trying to communicate during his chimp Impression. All that is missing are the opposable thumbs!

‘Is it food? Is it poop? Is it – can I please, oh please read the newspaper after you?’

How great would the latter be?!


As he falls asleep on my leg and my eyes get heavy, I can only guess what dances around in his think tank.

He’s always there, always loyal, so I must be doing something right….

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