Nightly notion #5….

With a sense of achievement under my belt, today’s outing being a success, I’m struggling to sleep. It’s typical that a good day is followed by a shite night.

Maybe I need a night time routine. Something to let my body know it’s time to start switching off. A cup of cocoa perhaps?…. Nope, not a fan. Some say a bath…..not sure that’s for me either.

As I’ve changed my lifestyle quite dramatically during the day, I’m thinking vast changes in the evening are also needed. And with change comes highly necessary research and testing. This is my jam, just the thought has already put a smile on my face.

Research, reading and testing……yes indeedy. Positive changes and successful sleep is something I look forward to with gleeful excitement.

As for tonight, Bob Ross will hopefully work his magic. Sleep is coming, and this ‘happy little tree’ painting genius will help me find it 😊😊

G’night folks
Love Smiley.

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