Nightly notion #6….

I’ve hit a roadblock with my novel. I find myself writing snippets, reading them back and nothing…not an ounce of intrigue or satisfaction. Perhaps I’m expecting too much from myself. I know I can do better though.

Oh to be back in the zone, words and juicy plot twists oozing on to the page. A spark of inspiration hit a few days ago resulting in a hefty chunk of deep and meaningful scribble. Where did it go? Yesterday and today have been as dry as the Sahara!

Maybe I’m not cut out for this authoring lark. I feel I have so much to write though. Perhaps it’s all mashed together and coming out the same, mashed and confused. How to decipher the jumble, I do not know and it is eating away at me.

My fingers are crossed that this is just writer’s block – how bold of me to call myself a writer – tomorrow will be the day. The day the ooze continues….

G’night all!

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