Bed rest, progress on pause….

After somehow damaging my hip, days of perseverance only worsened the pain. A positive thought, that to keep going would eventually ease the pain, seems silly now. A judgement, once again, made in fear. Fear of that pesky regression.

A worrying prospect of falling back into previous mental and physical patterns. Stay motivated, I tell myself, believe in yourself that you’ll get straight back to it once you’ve recovered. It’s easy to say to myself, even think it, but how to follow through?

As usual, while positivity courses through me, I’m setting myself a task. A challenge to focus on before those ‘orrible little negative gremlins cloud my better judgement. I have my godson’s christening coming up, I will be fit and healthy. I will fit in to the outfit I’ve chosen and I’ll take care of my appearance as I have been doing of late. I will get to the christening, pushing anxiety and setbacks out of my way!

I’m hoping tomorrow will mark the start of my hip recovery. Then I can set to on getting back to full physical health with my mental health continuing to progress. The only way is up….right?

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