Jibber-jabber at dawn #4….

Sleep has once again evaded me, slipping from my grasp like speedy Gonzales covered in butter! Head pounding, even a whisper is that of orchestral symbols and thunder. It is, to put it mildly, a poor start to the day…

In the words of Freddie Mercury and those of show business – ‘The show must go on!’.

So today will start with a handful of tablets, the usual plus added painkillers, and desperate rehydration and eggs. Scrambled with avocado on the side, simplicity at it’s finest. Then to sit and write whatever comes to mind, keep writing until there are no words left.

This afternoon will be a trip to the vets. With anxiety levels on the rise and an inability to shhh my head – hence the writing challenge this morning – I’m worried I may not make the appointment. I hate my struggles imposing on others lives, now the pooch may even suffer….

Thinking and imaging the struggle before it arises, is never a good idea. Sometimes, however, the choice isn’t mine to make. It’s as if something inside my head decides ‘today, you will think, overthink, and think again’.

It’s early yet, perhaps I shouldn’t cook my chickens before they’ve grown?….from fledglings?….or however the saying goes….

Here goes, another day of positives and negatives, smiles and frowns. Which will come out victorious today? Come on positivity!! Come on smiles!!

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