Daily drivel #5….a return from the abyss….

I haven’t written for a while. It’s been a strange few days as far as inspiration is concerned, a blank and empty abyss!

When I thought words could be written, they would disappear. An empty notebook, a vision in my head, even the lines were a blur. A dramatic and uncomfortable thought that this could be it, no more words left to write, no more feelings in which to share. A frightening prospect, writing has been something of a saviour, a release from torment and fear.

To finally have something to write about…the thought of not being able to…felt like Christmas morning when I was a child. As letters, words, sentences started to appear, a face aching smile firmly planted itself on my face! If I listened carefully I could probably hear the crinkling of wrapping paper and the tones of Wizard playing in the background. All I needed was the smell of roast turkey and cranberry sauce!

With all this being said, I hope the inspiration for writing continues. Just a steady flow, even a trickle, just to keep my spirits up and avoid that abyss…

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