Evening routine….the search for uninterrupted sleep….

I’ve mentioned in a previous post of my constant and incredibly brain creasing, broken sleep. My aim was to research and attempt to fix this annoyance. But research was a difficult one. So trial and hella error has never been more abused! Well maybe a tad dramatic…

My first trial was an early evening walk, without a major increase in heart rate. I was aiming to burn any physical energy I may have had hiding within limbs. This was a topic of conversation previously also, the incessant need to move my limbs, legs especially. ‘Orrible ‘orrible ‘orrible! I hate this feeling!

So with this not having any affect, the drawing board was once again handy for my scribble. And scribble I did! Jeeeez I haven’t written by hand for so long, it was like a spider with painted feet, drunkenly sprawled it’s way across the paper…..it was illegible.

Pushing on, my next idea was to try the old faithful, yet not to my taste, hot chocolate & a bubbly tub. To my surprise, it worked as far as the need to move lessened….is this a word?….my still broken and evasive sleep was less fidgety….is this a word?….

Whether the bath helped or the cocoa, or even both, I’m not entirely sure. Implementing two new variables made it unclear. So far I’d been working on instant fixes. Ones that I hoped would change the very night at hand. I needed a new tactic!

So with a new approach I decided to work on a routine that eventually my body and mind would see as the warm up before sleep. Every night, at 9pm I would start this routine….

Medication – I’ve found that taking my tablets earlier helps with the relaxing I’m trying so hard to achieve. Then it’s to the bathroom sink – brushing teeth, an evening face scrub and the occasional face mask (I fricken love these things, soooo satisfying!). After the sink routine I would put on a robe and chill with an episode of something thought provoking but not too stimulating…

11pm was time for bed. No matter if I was wide awake, I needed to let my mind and body know this was sleep time!

After just over a week of trials and finally this simple routine, I’ve seen quite astonishing results. At first I would lie in bed staring at the ceiling for hours and sleep, once achieved, would be broken. Eventually however, I was falling asleep fairly soon after getting in bed and gradually my sleep is becoming less turbulent and I’m pretty sure I’m close to getting a full night in the coming days.

There are things in life we can’t control and things we can. Focus on the things you can. Chip away at the annoyances and take control of the little things.

Keep smiling 😊
Love Smiley

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