Nightly notion #9….

Sleep, oh you sadistic bastard. I can see you, lurking beyond my reach, laughing at me as I stretch and claw my way to you.

Eyes dry yet weeping, so tired and heavy. Weighted bags underneath, resting on my chubby cheeks. All I want is to snore the house down, dream of sleeping tightly and wake only once…in the morning.

I read, I write, I’ve been counting sheep. This farmer has his hands full, there’s no doubt. Oh to sleep soundly and wake up refreshed, a dream in itself, a day dream…with eyes wide open.

Maybe it’s me, a masochist blaming ‘sleep’. I ask my weary self, “are you doing this to yourself?”. I get no answer. So I ask sleep, “do you enjoy this?”. It continues to laugh and pull further in to the dark.

Just once let me sleep, just once be my friend. Let me bask in your peace, let me drool and snore the night away….

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