Daily drivel #7…. evening routine catch-up….

Another night of broken sleep. It’s becoming a bore, a laughable joke….I’m not laughing however.

Getting to bed by 10pm, to sleep at around 1am. To then wake up at 1.30am, uncomfortable and agitated. Sleep evading capture again until the really early hours, lasting only an hour at most once caught. By 10am I couldn’t lie, staring at the ceiling, with this failure to rest anymore.

So I sit here, zombie-like. A catch-up on my evening routine seems unnecessary, an obsolete reference to my current sleep deprived ‘routine’. But let’s get it out there.

I’ve longed for a solution, a regime that encourages and supports my efforts. After weeks of experimenting, I thought I’d found it. A peaceful evening schedule explained in a previous post. I now, however, seemed to have hit a plateau. So do I get back to the drawing board or push on? Perhaps I’m not giving this routine, I’m somewhat comfortable in, a chance.

There’s always tonight, always a chance of success…

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