Nightly notion #12….fingers and festivities….

This time of year is a tough one. Not necessarily because of all the booze flying around through adverts and parties on social media etc, but more the memories and possible interaction/visitors. Now don’t get me wrong, it’s lovely to see family and friends over the holidays, but the festivities seem to bring a strange pressure.

As far as visitors go, there are too many fingers on one hand to count them, however, not enough on both to count the memories and bad thoughts that perch themselves on my lap. My life seemed to miss a year, starting around this time two years ago. Shit hit the fan to maximum effect and just kept on spinning. Uncontrollable drinking and thinking, an imploding mind, anger and an emergency visit to the psychiatric hospital after a complete breakdown. These are things I would like to forget but never will.

There was a time I really loved going all out for Christmas, no stress was too much stress and if I wasn’t completely shattered by around 4pm I mustn’t have gone hard enough. I’d play it down, stating I wasn’t a big fan of it, but this wasn’t true. Even in my early twenties I’d wake up Christmas morning….if I’d slept at all through the excitement…giddy as a four year old! It was just a special time!

Being an alcoholic, Christmas has never really been much different to any other time. A drink was a drink, any time……all the time, anywhere as always. So now two years in to recovery, not drinking at Christmas is the same as not drinking throughout the year. But the memories still prod and poke fun at me. The presence of family/friends becomes too much and space, peace and clarity are hard to find even when they’re gone.

Today, however has been wonderful. Flagging towards the end but I made it through with a smile. Our Christmas was a little early due to family travel arrangements so we ate, played board games and ate some more today….well yesterday. No doubt my body will wake tomorrow a few hours before my brain, and the possibility of doing anything constructive is not on the cards. But today was lovely, a reet good time 😊


Sam…more than a brother….

My brother has always been a vision of calm. A role model I still strive to follow. Throughout my life, I’ve looked up to Sam, smiled at his presence in my life and his gentle, unimposing nature.

We may have fought as children, the odd spat here and there, but he has always been someone I’ve strived to emulate. From teens until now we’re best friends. From comfortable silences to incoherent rambles, times of difficulty to moments of synchronised merriment and glee.

His struggles have been from childhood, never really knowing what was wrong, he went from day to day, year after year. With several diagnoses not coming until his late 20’s to early 30’s, his fight has always been in silence. We knew he wasn’t well, the lack of knowledge hindered the help we could offer, it’s heart breaking when I look back. The confusion & frustration must have been unbearable.

As I sit here today with my own struggles, he never fails to make me smile when frowns are all I can muster. He continues to portray a man I would like to be, and if I could take his battle from him, I would do so in a heartbeat.

There is so much more I could write, I cannot praise and stress enough how important you are to me! So this is to you, Sam, never change who you are, you’re more than a brother, more than a best friend, an inspiration of how people should be. I hope I can be half as inspiring and influential to you as you have been for me.

Love you bruder, keep smiling 😊 xx